When You Are A Model And Your Own Photographer At The Same Time

It has been such a long day. Went to Bond Street 10 o’clock in the morning for my first job interview at Zara, which took me almost two hours. After that I had three hours for my next interview. The time flew by so quick, I basically just walked around in the small streets. I find them so cozy and nice. Found a nice street, that were clear of people and took some outfit photos. There are so many beautiful places to shoot outfit photos, in the heart of London.

On my way to the restaurant, the sweetest lady stopped me on the street and showered me with compliments ( this is when my intuition should have kicked in lol). She worked for a company that sells different kind of organic soaps and lotions. She showed me some of their products and I fell in the trap immediately, when she showed me their face soap and face mask gel (that removes dead skin). But she was so sweet and gave me a lot of discount. So I couldn’t resist the offer. After some shopping, I found my little restaurant I go to every time I’m on Oxford Circus, a cozy little spot that sells pick and mix salads. I had an hour for that and then I was headed of to my second interview at Topman/Topshop. Which went well, going for the second part of the process on Saturday, which is basically the make it or break it interview. So I’m so excited for that. Now I will go to bed, been up for way too long now.

Au Revoir, peepz!

When You Are A Model And Your Own Photographer At Same Time

Baseball Bomber And Yeezy Vibes

Bomber Jacket By Boohoo Man (On Sale Here)//Shoes By Asos//Jeans By Cheap Monday//Hoodie By H&M//

I’m up early today, it’s 6.30am and I’m getting ready for my two job interviews in central London. Really excited for the interviews, but first I need my dose of coffee to wake up lol.

Here is my look from yesterday, I have been waiting to show you guys my sneakers I purchased in June. Love the nude colours and something about the design gives me a Yeezy vibe. They are so futuristic and minimalistic. Combined them with my all time favourite jeans and a white basic hoodie. You can never go wrong with a basic fresh hoodie. Thought the khaki green baseball bomber jacket would suit the look and give my outfit a nice autumn vibe. So that’s what I went for.


 Au Revoir, peepz!

Update – Two Job Interviews For Big Fashion Brands And What I Have Been Up Too

The last couple of weeks, has been so needed. I got to spend some time with my sister and my lovely two nephews, the first couple of weeks. She moved to a beautiful house, so we were busy packing the whole apartment and moving in to the new place. Basically my days there, consisted being an uncle and helping out. I’m so not ready to have kids, I always get reminded, every time I’m alone with those two lmao. But they are so cute, can’t stop kissing their cheeks.

After staying at my sister for a while, I moved to my aunts house in London. Where I will stay till I find my own place here. Which is probably take some time, the rent here in London is out of this world. But first, I need to find a job. I have been applying for jobs while I was  staying at my sister. And I finally got a respond, going for two job interviews. One in Zara and Topman/Topshop. Two shops that I love, so I hope everything goes well. They are both the same day, but I’m so lucky that they are both in central. So hopefully it won’t be an issue. Now I will go to bed, been up since early in the morning. I’m supposed to go to the gym tomorrow morning, if I can get my lazy ass out of bed lol.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

The Perfect Transition Jacket For Autumn

Here are the perfect coats for autumn, the so called transition coat. Autumn is here (feels like it was never summer lol). If there is one trend you can count on, that will never be out of trend. It’s a beautiful tailored coat (wool) for autumn. It’s a beautiful classic piece, that goes with a lot of different styles. It’s one of those pieces, you can splurge a little extra money on and not regret five years forward. Nude, khaki and grey are defiantly the main colours, that a guy should have in their wardrobe. But if you like to spice your autumn wardrobe up, a beautiful red coat can make your autumn looks more vibrant.

You can find some beautiful coats above.

Au Revoir, peepz!