Dubai Boat Life – Burj Al-Arab & Palm Island

On The Photo Above: Building Burj Al-Arab

Throwback too day two, when my cousin and I went on a boat trip. We sailed by the coast, so we could se famous building as Burj Al-Arab and Palm Island. It was such a magical trip and the city is so beautiful from ocean. All the tall buildings and the long Jumeirah beach.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can see part one vlog from my Dubai trip HERE.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Casual Dapper


Trousers By Asos//Shirt By H&M//Sneakers By Nike//Glasses From Dubai

Here is a look from yesterday. I wore my new high waisted trousers from Asos, love the fabric and the fit. I went for the clean look and combined it with a pair of nike sneakers. Added a casual vibe to the look, that I wanted. My friend and I had some errands to do, so this outfit was a perfect fit for that.

Au Revoir, peepz!


Dusty Pink Matters

Sweatshirt By Boohoo Man

Dusty pink matters. I got this hoodie last week with a bunch of other stuff from Boohoo Man. Never purchased from their site before. They have some quite nice AFFORDABLE pieces. This hoodie was one of them. Love the color, ads some warmth to my look. I played with colors and wore my hoodie with my dark navy blue suede jacket.

I have been home all day, washing clothes from my Dubai trip and on top of that I have slowly started to pack my things in boxes. I haven’t told you guys yet, but I’m moving. I will tell you guys more about that later.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Fashion Fuckery

Bag By Venque//Trousers By H&M//Tee By Zara//Sneakers By Nike//

Hi guys! I’m visiting my parents in the countryside. I came yesterday and staying only for one night. I’m going to visit my grandmother and will probably be heading back home after that. I want to continue edit part two of the vlog to Dubai and maybe go to the gym. I haven’t been there since I went on my holiday.

But here is another look, one I wore the day before I went to Dubai. I found this classy, sporty low turtleneck from Zara. I have wanted to have exactly this tee for month since I saw it on a model. By chance I found it on sale in Zara, I couldn’t believe it. So ofc I had to get it, no doubts. I never flinch, when it comes to shopping. What a curse I’m under.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Sunset In The Desert

The desert was such a cool experience. It was as magical, as it looks on the photos. Even though it’s just sand and plants. The beauty of that kind of a nature, is an experience. I could a use a couple of more days there or months actually. The weather in Denmark sucks, it has literally been raining everyday since I have come back.

Au Revoir, peepz!


Finally part one of my Dubai vlog is finally up. I have been spending days editing this video, that’s mainly why I haven’t been posting anything the last couple of days since I came home from my trip. I thought it would be much more fun for you guys to see some different content on my blog. Hope you guys enjoy it. BTW, I filmed this blog from three different devices thats why the quality varies.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Dubai Look

Shirt By Asos//Trousers & Glasses By H&M//Bag & Sandals By Zara//

Sorry for the lack of updates during this trip, but the wifi sucks here in my cousins apartment and I only have one day left to experience this amazing city, Dubai. I have had the time of my life. The weather is great, even though I’m sweating after being in the sun for 5 minutes and people are so kind. We went to a pool party the whole day, had drinks, ate and was just soaking it all in.

Au Revoir, peepz!