Acne Spring/summer collection 2013

Watch the Collection by Acne!

I really love the designs and choice for color of the jackets. The dress below, was one of the dresses that i think stood out, because of the fabric.The way it shifts from gray/white to light purple was really made nice.

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Gucci – Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show

The Gucci collection for the spring/summer  2013 is out and it looks really beautiful. The designs are really simple, but still haves a sophisticated look because of the choice of color and fabric. They used really nice colors for the collection and added a lot of layers to make the dresses to pop out. It is definitely a collection that will be sold out, when it comes out in the stores.

Here are some of my favourite pieces that i really love of the collection, beacuse of the simplicity but still sophisticated designs

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My favourite make up looks from fashion shows

After seeing  a tons of fashion shows, I found some really nice and unique make up looks. Especially from the Prada show. The really made a edgy look for the models, mixed with slicked back hair with a pop color underneath. They also used a lot of color that I liked, I will definitely try it out one day.

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Black Diamonds!

These jewelries are made of black diamonds and are really nice!  I can definitely not afford, but I really love the designs!

Click in to the picture, to see the designer!

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