The Idle Man The Go-To Destination For Men

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 Suede Jacket By The Idle Man (Here)//Jeans By Cheap Monday//Knitwear By Topman//Bag By Zara//Boots By River Island//

 I have collaborated with The Idle Man, which is a menswear based retailer, catering to style conscious men. They host brands such as Levi’s, Larsson and Jennings and Nudie Jeans Co. They are the go-to destination for men. Alongside the online shop, The Idle Man Manual is a blog dedicated to offering style advice  as well as stories and guides about music, grooming and lifestyle.

This beautiful suede jacket is one of the pieces I got from the team and it’s such good quality. Couldn’t resist the tan colour, especially now when I’m blonde. Think it goes hand in hand.

You should definitely go and check them out and use my discount code NIIMAJI13GA10, if you find a cool piece.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

Feeling Like I Made The Wrong Decision Again

Jeans By Weekday//Shoes By River Island//Jacket By Asos//Tank Top By Weekday//Bracelet & Watch By Topman//

I’m not gonna lie! I haven’t felt like myself, the last couple of weeks. It’s been hard to adapt to this new lifestyle here in London and it hasn’t been, what I have expected it would be. For starters I hate my job at Topman, it’s what I expected, but even worse. I don’t have time for anything else than to work and sleep, repeat 5 days in a row. And when I’m off, I’m to drained to do all the things I want to do, like updating my blogs, exploring the big city and meeting new people. I’m starting to second guess if this move, is the right thing for me to do. Even though the possibilities are limitless here in London. I just don’t feel like this busy London life is the right thing for me. Coming from a small country, like Denmark is just harder to adapt to a big city like London. I’m not used to having to spend one to one and a half hour on traffic. And not to talk about the standards regarding, apartments and rooms. It’s just horrible what you have to pay for the ugliest, tiniest room. Blows my mind.

I’m just going to stick it through and see what the futures brings. Give it some time…

Au Revoir, peepz!

The Perfect Menswear Shearling Winter Jacket That Will Keep You Warm Through The Winter

Winter is coming and soon is time to find your winter jacket for the season. The shearling jacket has been here for seasons and is the perfect jacket, to keep warm and stay fashionable. It can easily be dressed up and down.

Dress up – Style the jacket with a nice pair of black trousers, white turtleneck and a pair of clean sneakers or Oxford shoes. For the dapper and clean look.

Dress down – Combine the jacket with a oversize hoodie, baggy jeans/camouflage trousers and a pair of statement boots for example Timberlands. For the unbothered, but still pulled together street look.

 Au Revoir, peepz!