My Favourite Looks From The Ports 1961, Hervé Léger By Max Azria And Givenchy Pre Fall 2014

Not alone, I love watching collection to get some inspiration, but when they do different kind of back grounds it just makes it even better. Where can I even start? The sand coloured coat is my favourite from the Givenchy pre fall 2014 collection. Not alone is the coat long but it has fur sleeves which gives the coat that chic winter look. A really cool look. I wouldn’t mind to have that, lol! The same goes with Hervér Léger by Maz Azria dress below. The greenich stretch fabric combined with gold details makes this dress so unique from the norm. Especially with the zipper going up in the middle looks really great.

The oversize coat trend is definitely going to stay for a while if not forever, it’s such a easy way to look really fashionable. And the Ports 1961 had these two amazing coats in their collection. Let alone are they big, but they are made of really nice fabric that makes the colour appear even chicer. That’s why I mostly like coloured clothes from big brands, because the colour always looks fresh at all times comparing to other brands as H&M. You can’t even wash a top without it looking washed.




Au Revoir, peepz!

Weekday – Red Sweater Finds

One of my favourite places to go, when I go out shopping is, the weekday stores. Even though the three shops, contains almost the same things, I always spend up to twenty minutes in each store, looking and trying almost every piece in the shop lol. I fount this really nice sweater in one of the shops. The colour is just really amazing, burning red and fits perfectly. Lately I love pieces that are just fitted and short, so I don’t feel like I’m fat.  But I had self control and didn’t buy the sweater. Btw I also tried the sweater hanging under my bowler hat. It was really nice as well, a fresh mint colored sweater with a thick collar. But it was just to short for my taste.

I’m off to the gym now, see you later! Deuces..


Au Revoir, peepz!

Denmarks Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt Fashion Disaster

Do you guys know this lady? She was the one, who took selfie pictures, with Barack Obama, while Michelle Obama was sitting next to her husband? Oh well she is Denmarks prime minister. And the other day when I was in school, our teacher wanted us to see this 15 minutes speech that’s from the day after new years eve. The whole point with this was of course to analyze what she was talking about and discus about it afterwards. But I kept losing my concentration, because of that ugly blazer. I know she has to dress conservative, represent her self serious and all that boring shit. But This choice of blazer was completely wrong, especially not to sound mean but especially up against her pail skin. She could at least had tried to get a little tan or something, especially for that blazer. To mean? but seriously that’s a ugly blazer. It would probably look more chic, if it wasn’t made of that ugly sofa fabric. Just saying, not hating.


Au Revoir, peepz!

Another One|Outfit

I shot these pictures in Copenhagen down a little street, such a cute place with small restaurants. I really like this jackets for this time of the year, especially combined with this small bowler hat and nude sweater. And I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one, damn people really looked at me today.






Jacket By H&M//Jeans By Cheap Monday//Hat By H&M//

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