My Little Diamand Nephew

Here are some photos of my little cute baby nephew. He is definitely the cutest baby ever! It’s really crazy how he has developed so much within a short time. A month ago he was so tiny, really pail and fragile. And now his eyes are wide open,  he can recognize people or mostly my sister lol. It feels like he has been here for a year now, but it has only been 5 weeks since he was born which is crazy in my eyes. I feel like he looks a one year old baby lol.




Au Revoir, peepz!


My site is up again working, after 4 hours showing a blank page. The most nerve wracking thing ever, I have invested so much time in this blog and all of a sudden all of my work was away. So depressing for a while, but my step dad found out what was wrong. So this shouldn’t happen again, hopefully.

I didn’t really plan on showing my outfit today, but I took some photos with my little nephew that will be up later, so I shoot some photos of  my kimono I wore with a tight high neck top. Such a great go to piece when I don’t really fell like dressing up, it’s comfy, warm and just really plain and simple. Plus fashionable.



//Kimono By 5 Ich And Up For Bracelet By Forever21//

Au Revoir, peepz!

Black And White High Neck Sweater By New Yorker

I have a fetish lately for high necked tops and sweaters. I have two in black, one in brown, one in a dark nude/ brownish colour as well and now it’s this black&white sweater. And I’m even thinking about a red one now lol. I have been looking for a white high neck sweater for a while now and is now about to give up (you shouldn’t now where to find one?). I went to Copenhagen yesterday again, but this time with my class. And I didn’t really plan on shopping anything, until I found this really nice high neck sweater in New Yorker. It’s one of the pieces of clothing you really feel like buying without you think that it looks good. But I couldn’t help myself especially when It was only 14 $, so freaking cheap.


//Top By New yorker//

Au Revoir, peepz!

Don’t Waste A Minute Not Being Happy. If One Window Closes, Run To The Next Window – Or Break Down A Door

Here is my outfit from today, simple and really casual. I didn’t really plan for a street look like this, but that’s how it turned out to be. Especially with the beanie on. Hope you had a great day, I’m off to the gym now, I’m going to be instructed today by a fitness instructor. So I’m quite excited to learn some new stuff. Especially now when I have been working out so much doing the same thing.


Untitled Exportniimaboaiador3rrrrriiijjjjjnnnrrrppniimaboaiadorebeautyootd



Sweater By Weekday//Shirt By Calvin Klein//Leather Trousers By H&M//Beanie By Alis// Necklace By Filthy Magic

Au Revoir, peepz!