My Next Holiday Destination Is Going To Be…

So I have finally ordered my tickets for my next holiday! I’m going to DUBAAAI. I’m sooo excited for this trip. I have wanted to go there since my cousin moved there a year ago and finally it’s going to happen this year. I’m leaving the 18th July for 7 days. We haven’t planned our days yet, but photo shoots in the dessert is one for sure and maybe riding camels as well. But besides that, we are definitely going to some pool areas to enjoy the weather and just take in the Dubai culture. If you guys know some fun things to do in Dubai, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Even though I’m excited, too go to Dubai, I’m a little hesitate about how the residents will react to my look. It’s going to be the hottest month, so my make up is not even going to be more than my eyebrows. There is no point of applying a full face for it to melt of in the sun lol. Now when my tickets are ordered, I can focus on what kind of outfits I’m going to bring. I think I will go for the classy/dapper look for the most part. This city is so modest, so I can’t see anything else be a better fit for this trip.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

Mac Book Air 13.3

I did a little bit of splurging. My old laptop had reached a point now, that it could break down at any time. So I had to get a new laptop, I didn’t really know if a MAC would be worth spending that much money on. But thinking about it, a Mac couldn’t have been a better fit for me. Just alone the video editing and the clean visual. There is so much to learn, a Mac really works in another way than what I’m used too. It took me 30 minutes to find out how to copy and paste lmao.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Summerhouse Getaway

Rhino And I At The Beach (lmao, taking a photo with this dog is almost impossible. He wouldn’t stand still for 2 seconds and on top  of that he lubricated his salvia on my jacket).

Sorry for the lack of updating on the blog. I went to my grandmas summerhouse, where I used to live. The start of the week.  I missed this dog, so I took him for a walk before the sun went down. The weather was so great that day and the sunset, out there is so beautiful. The one thing I miss the must.

I have been helping my roomie out cleaning the whole apartment. She is having her friends over, so I’m in my room, packing my bag. Getting ready, to stay at my grandmas apartment over the night. My girl friend is having her henna party tomorrow. I can’t miss one thing, when I pack.So I will go now, talk to guys later. Btw, I did a little bit of shopping yesterday, that I will show you guys soon.

//Undskylder for den manglende opdatering på bloggen. Jeg tog til min farmors sommerhus, i starten af ugen. Denne hun har jeg virkelig savnet, så jeg tog ham på en tur, før solen gik ned. Vejret var så godt den dag og solnedgangen, derude er så smuk. Det jeg savner mest ved at bo i den by.

Jeg har hjulpet min roomie med at gøre hele lejligheden rent. Hun får nogen veninder på besøg, så jeg er i mit værelse, i fuld gang med at pakke min taske. Jeg tager hjem til min farmor og overnatter. Min veninde skal holde sin henna i morgen. Så jeg kan ikke glemme det mindste, så jeg vil smutte nu og komme ud af døren. Vi snakkes…//

Au Revoir, peepz!