My Nike Air Max Bw Premium Nude

Here is the thing for some reason, I never really purchase shoes. Last time I bought a pair of shoes, was back in December, when I was in London. So I thought it was about time to add some new pair of shoes to my little collection. I love a pair of new sneakers, but damn they are so expensive, probably why I never really purchase any. The thought of how crazy I go on Asos for the amount of money I spend on these shoes is crazy.

I went by a cool sneakers/sportswear shop in Copenhagen, where I found three pair of cool sneakers. One of them, are these nike air max bw premium in nude. I fail in love, when I saw them on display on the shelf. They are so cool and so different from the typical air max sneakers. Which I always tend to fall for. But I love the mix of nude, white and black. Perfect for summer, when that comes.

Au Revoir, peepz!

As Seen On Me Yellow Framed Sunglasses

Sunglasses By Asos (Here)

I feel so bad and boujee with these glasses. I purchased these baddies on Asos (you can find the link above) with a pair of shoes that I will show, in another post. But these glasses are so chic and edgy. I love the vintage vibe, it can easily be combined with a lot of different styles incl dapper outfits and edgy street looks. Thought these glasses would be a perfect fit for this yellow velour top and white bomber jacket. A fresh look, that I haven’t worn for a while, it felt so great tho.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Did I Really Just Spend 89$ On Skincare?

Did I really just spend 89$ on skincare? Yes, I did! It hit me, that I spend so much time on looking good, spending an hour applying make up almost everyday. But not taking care of my skin and I feel so stupid now when I think about it. So for 2017 lmao, halfway through the year. I promised myself to take good care of my skin.

I have been the worst, at taking care of my skin the last couple of years. Normally after a long day of wearing make up, I usually use my coconut oil or just a regular Nivea soap to cleanse. And that’s the worst, that I can do to my face, but in my mind I never thought it would be that big of a deal. For one, I always moisturize my face with coconut oil. So I thought, that would help my skin go back to it’s “normal” state. I have always heard and been told how good coconut oil is, but I have realized that’s to a certain extent.

Last week I treated my friend Ayse and I with a facial treatment, here in Copenhagen. We got a really good treatment, mainly focused on going deep and rinsing our poors. Which I personally felt like I needed. Which I found out wasn’t the case with my skin. I had a good conversation with the cosmetologist about my skin. She told me that I basically have good skin, but I had small dry patches/dots from washing my face with soap.

With that said, I finally made myself purchase these two Ph Formula products. The E.X.F.O cleanse is for rinsing, after wearing make up and it can also be used as a face mask. The other product, the P.O.S.T recovery cream is a moisturizer, to keep the skin fresh throughout the day.

She used these products before and after the treatment and my skin felt so AMAZING. I had a hard time not touching my face. It felt so clean and fresh. So I would definitely recommend spending your money on some good products when it comes to your skin. If you don’t know how to treat your skin, going to the cosmetologist is worth spending money on. Besides giving you a facial treatment, they can also tell you how you should treat your type of skin.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Velour Jersey Jacket With Contrast Sleeves

Boots By River Island//Jeans By Cheap Monday//Velour Jacket By Asos//Shearling Jacket By Asos//

The truth is, that my outfits lately have been jogging sets and oversized clothes. I have enjoyed being lazy and haven’t been bothered dressing up at all, except for my friends wedding last week. So I felt like it was about time stepping out of my comfort zone and stop wearing all black like I’m going to a funeral lol. So I purchased this nice velour jacket with contrast sleeves from Asos. It’s on sale now for almost nothing. On top of that I love the color it brings to a outfit and I’m loving the sporty vibe. A little 90’s vibe.

//Sandheden er, at mine outfits her på det seneste har været jogging sæt og oversize tøj. Jeg har nydt at være doven og har ikke været generet til at dress up overhovedet, bortset fra min venindes bryllup i sidste uge. Så jeg følte at det var på tide at træde ud af min komfort zone og stoppe med at gå i sort. Så jeg købte denne nice velour jakke med kontrast ærmer fra Asos. Den er til salg nu for næsten ingenting. Derudover elsker jeg den farve det bringer til mit outfit og jeg elsker dens sporty vibe. En smule 90’s vibe.//

Au Revoir, peepz!