Zip Knitted Jumper And Longline Oversized Puffer Jacket

Jumper By Selected Homme By Asos (On Sale Here)//Long Puffer Jacket By Asos (On Sale Here)//Jeans By Cheap Monday(Similar Here)//Boots By River Island//

I couldn’t believe this beautiful selected homme tall 1/4 zip knitted jumper was on sale, when I did my 3 hours scrolling through all the sales on Asos. This simple cotton zip turtleneck is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe in the winter. It can easily be dressed up or down and suits any kind of man. I choose to dress this jumper down with a pair of denim jeans, boots and a long puffer jacket. For a more casual everyday look. I personally find it hard to dress up nice for a walk in the cold. But this look is a nice way to look dressed up and stay warm. I’m in love with my new super longline oversized puffer jacket. Just what I imagined. Keeps me warm on the cold winter days.

I haven’t showed you guys my new oversized fanny pack, I purchased this piece a month ago in Zara. I have craved to get a fanny pack for a while, but haven’s stumbled across one that I really liked. And of course I found one in my favourite clothing shop, Zara. It was so affordable that I couldn’t resist purchasing it. On top of that it can fit everything I need plus more.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Slim Fit Raw Hem Jeans Stone Wash By Th Idle Man

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Jeans By The Idle Man (Here)//Shoes By Nike//Top By Primark//Jacket By Boohoo Man//

I have wanted to get a pair of jeans, like these ones for quite a while. Love the clean but messy look the jeans ads to my outfit. These jeans are so comfortable to wear, eventhough I have lost some weight since I came to the U.K. Don’t forget you can get 10% off on all of their The Idle Man brand clothing with the discount code NIIMAJI13GA10.

Au Revoir, peepz!

The Idle Man The Go-To Destination For Men

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 Suede Jacket By The Idle Man (Here)//Jeans By Cheap Monday//Knitwear By Topman//Bag By Zara//Boots By River Island//

 I have collaborated with The Idle Man, which is a menswear based retailer, catering to style conscious men. They host brands such as Levi’s, Larsson and Jennings and Nudie Jeans Co. They are the go-to destination for men. Alongside the online shop, The Idle Man Manual is a blog dedicated to offering style advice  as well as stories and guides about music, grooming and lifestyle.

This beautiful suede jacket is one of the pieces I got from the team and it’s such good quality. Couldn’t resist the tan colour, especially now when I’m blonde. Think it goes hand in hand.

You should definitely go and check them out and use my discount code NIIMAJI13GA10, if you find a cool piece.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

Red Wool Coat For Autumn

Red Coat By Boohoo Man (Here)//Jeans By Junkyard//Sneakers By Nike//Hoodie By H&M//Bag By Zara//Necklace From Dubai//

Autumn is finally here. Now is the time to layer and wear all the comfy sweatshirts and hoodies. Probably the best season of the year to dress. The weather here in London has actually been quite amazing, it’s only today that I have actually felt the need to wear a coat during the day. I can’t complain, especially getting snaps from friend complaining about the weather in Denmark. I truly feel blessed. I purchased this red coat from Boohoo Man, dark red and a perfect transition coat. A nice way to add colour to my autumn wardrobe. I had some errands to do from the early morning in London, so comfy attire was my go to.

 Au Revoir, peepz!