The Moi Section, Is The Place Where The Founder Shares Everything Personal, Mainly Focusing On Fashion And Other Relevant Interesting Topics. Here He Displays Mainly Outfit Photos And His Newest Purchases, But Does At Time Confronts His Personal Issues And Shares It With His Readers.


Last friday I had nothing to do, since my TV was broken. So I was surfing around on online shopping. After some intense searching, I found this bracelet, which I think is very nice, but simple. So I decided to…

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New Head Chain!

Yesterday, I received my head chain from Asos. I felt really inspired by Kim Kardashian head chains. So had to buy one for myself. I combined my head chain with a simple black high neck top, so it wouldnt be…

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Outfit for the day

Yeasterday morning i really felt like wearing something worm and comfi to wear to college. So i just picked something simpel that cut go with and without my fur vest. Blazer by Zara, Scarf by Me, Shirt by Asos, Shoes…

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