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Get The Look Like Kim Kardashian: Simple look Combined With Bold Colors

Once again I have made a post of Kim’s look and it’s not going to be the last one. I have a map of at least 200 other looks of hers that I’m so in love with… I really love this look, it’s simple but still combined with bold colors. It’s a look that can be worn day and night. I’m not that big fan of her blazer she is wearing so I choose this simple chic one from Topshop and added some jewelry to give it more detail.

Kim+Kardashian+Kim+Kardashian+rocks+lime+green+3W6c0dfkDavxgetthelookkimkardashianneonshoes View Post

Get The Look : Victoria Beckham x Victoria Beckham – Victoria Beckham When She Is looking Her Simpliest

I love this look on Victoria Beckham! She inspired me to make this outfit post, the minimalism and basic colors combined with a oversized clutch. I tried to find a similar sleeveless jacket as hers, but it was impossible for me to find one (the one she wears is from her collection). After some search I found these simple long sleeveless jackets that I love. If you are going for the simple based colored minimalistic look I would recommend the black jacket and the blue one is more for the ones who loves a statement color but still has the minimalistic look. I choose this simple tank top because I felt like that was the right fit. Especially if you are combining the look with statement jewelries. Bootcut trousers are really popular, but it’s only rarely that people combine them the right way like Victoria Beckham or  Kim Kardashian with a simple pump.Victoria wears simple nude colored pumps with an open toe You can’t see her shoes on this picture, but she wore simple nude pumps with an open toe. When it comes to a outfit like this combined with bootcut trousers, the shoe design is not that important. Just remember the height and the color of the shoe.

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Get The Look – Kris Jenner : A Yellow Statement Blazer

I love this black and white outfit with a Statement leather jacket on Kris Jenner! I tried to look for a yellow leather jacket, which was impossible. So I thought a blazer would look as great, if not better. This yellow blazer is such a fresh color and simple and it’s such a great color for spring/summer! Kris wears a simple t-shirt underneath the yellow leather jacket and I choose this white t-shirt with folded sleeves, so you always have a plan b look. I choose this pair of jeans to give the outfit a little more detail with the leather. The bag is really fabulous and a great buy, if you are looking for a bag to fit all your clothes. The clutch was just a proposal for those who wants to combine the outfit with a clutch and the shoes are so beautiful even though the hells are not that high. I choose to combine the outfit with these gold accessory, I felt that the outfit needed some details if you are going for the plan b look (the look without the yellow blazer). I love the necklace, it has gold, silver and white pearls so you can combine all kinds of jewelries with the necklace, I felt like combining it with gold with this outfit.



 Glasses By Zara//Necklace By Zara//Shoe By Zara//Bag By Zara//Clutch By Zara//Bracelet By Missguided//Jeans by Missguided//T-shirt by Riverisland//Ring By Riverisland//Watch By Topman

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Outfit – A Bold Look with A Pop Of Color and Digital Print!

As I just thought I have seen the digital print in everything, I found these pair of heels on a online shop (as usual). These shoes are amazing and the digital print looks dazzling on the pumps. I sat and considered what might fit with this pair of shoes. The ideas didn’t come as revelation, until I found these really cool oversize boyfriend jeans and all of a sudden all my ideas fail in to place. Of what I found, these three tops looks so great with the boyfriend jeans and the digital heels. If you are looking for the simple/basic look, I would definitely go with the basic white tank and the denim shirt with the white necklace. Denim on denim is also one of famous trends here at the time, so that would be an interesting look especially with the clutch. I love the white shirt, it’s so chic and there is just something vintage over it. When it comes to this shirt I would either have the front bit down the jeans or have the whole shirt down in the jeans.   I choose this American apparel leather clutch, it has a nice pop of color and looks great with all of the pieces.  


Shoes By Missguided//Clutch By Asos//Necklace By Topshop//Jeans By Topshop//The Shirts And Tank By Topshop//

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