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Sobo Skin Care

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Kiko Skin Evolution Concealer And Beauty Forever Foundation


Here is my make up look for the day with my new products and I’m not happy at all with the outcome, except my eyebrows. They are on point today lol. Watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians doesn’t really help the situation either, Kims make up is always flawless. So damn annoying lmao.

The other day I found this beauty forever  foundation for 3£ (5$) and it contains 50 ml. Which I think is a lot for 3£ (5$). The foundation smells a little, but it gives an okay coverage, I expected more and at the same time expected worse for that cheap price. I’m definitely going to use this product in the future. Now comes the disappointing part, when I was in Westfield mall in Stratford. I found my old favourite make up shop Kiko and wanted to try some new concealer products and I found this Skin Evolution Concealer that I thought would be good, for a coverage. And it really sucked! Feel like I used the half of the product just for a decent coverage. I would only recommend this product to cover small dark spots. Because it doesn’t really work to blend out.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you about this new spongebrush I also purchased in Westfield mall. I can’t wait to try it with a liquid concealer to see if it gives a flawless fierce look. Cause it didn’t really work with the stick concealer. I will probably update you guys later with another post.




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Favourite Powder Of All Times – Transparent Powder

I have now been using this transparent powder over two weeks now and it’s seriously the best. I’m sure if you buy branded transparent powder, the powder will be even better. But this powder is really good, especially comparing to the price. It sets the powder well and last for a while.



You Can Purchase The Gosh Powder Here// The MAC Prime Transparent Powder Here// The Laura Mercier Powder Here//

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5 Steps To Sun-Kissed Summer Beauty

5 easy steps for a perfect summer look! For summer I personally think the key to get a perfect summer look is to hold back with the powder. So you skin looks more natural. A red lipstick never killed nobody and a flawless concealer always makes you look fresh/more present.

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