Red Wool Coat For Autumn

Red Coat By Boohoo Man (Here)//Jeans By Junkyard//Sneakers By Nike//Hoodie By H&M//Bag By Zara//Necklace From Dubai//

Autumn is finally here. Now is the time to layer and wear all the comfy sweatshirts and hoodies. Probably the best season of the year to dress. The weather here in London has actually been quite amazing, it’s only today that I have actually felt the need to wear a coat during the day. I can’t complain, especially getting snaps from friend complaining about the weather in Denmark. I truly feel blessed. I purchased this red coat from Boohoo Man, dark red and a perfect transition coat. A nice way to add colour to my autumn wardrobe. I had some errands to do from the early morning in London, so comfy attire was my go to.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

Roses Are Red

Trousers By Primark//Sneakers By Arkk//Sweatshirt By River Island//Bag By Zara//

Comfy dressed, have been my key style the last couple of days. I love to dress in relation to my mood. Especially because, that’s when I fell the most comfortable and confident. Which I personally think shows in the way that you look. The last two weeks I have been to Oxford Street countless times, going for job interviews. So I had to go through the shops to see what they had in store and I never get tired of looking at clothes. I went to Primark several times and couldn’t really find anything that caught my eyes. Except for these red rose embroidered trousers. I’m here for this trend. I also got a white cap with rose embroidery, which was a total waist of money. I never wear a cap lol. I swear that my hair looks more blonde when I wear all black. The other day I was dressed in all white and my hair looked so yellow.

Au Revoir, peepz!

The Affordable Balenciaga Speed Trainers By Bershka

Shoes By Bershka Here(The Original Ones Here)

Am I the only one who loves the Balenciaga speed trainers?. I love the new sneaker trend and Balenciaga took it to the new level. Their sneakers are quite affordable than what I expected. But I found another pair that reminds me of them, which are affordable for a lot. Bershka are selling a similar pair of sneakers, with a zipper. These sneakers are really cool and so comftorbale (tried them in a shop here in London). These pair of sneakers can easily be paired with some casual dapper trousers and t shirt or a pair of dad jeans with a tailored wool coat for a cool autumn look. I personally think these sneakers, are unlimited for what you can wear with them.

Au Revoir, peepz!

Issa Vibe

I’m freaking blonde b*tches! I got my hair died blonde yesterday. There are literally a black hairdresser on every corner here in London. Totally the opposite from Denmark. I felt for a change and have been thinking about going blonde for some months. So I finally got it done and I love it. Might keep it for a while this time.

Au Revoir, peepz!