Alexander Wang Spring/Summer collection 2013 – Backstage

I’m obsessed with the nude make up, simple and  slick backed pony tail with a stripe of  black/silver placed in the middelpart of Alexander Wang´s  spring/summer 2013 Women wear collection.

Au Revoir, peepz!

The Blonds – Spring Summer 2013 Full Show

Watch the The Blonds  Spring/Summer 2013 collection, it´s really worth it! Watch the designer phillip blond, hit the runway 3:08

These are some of the amazing pieces of the collection, that i think stood out!

Get an inside of what inspires The Blonds, to create their collections

Au Revoir, peepz!

Dream Girl: Lady Gaga

Whether touring the globe with a groundbreaking extravaganza or launching an out-of-this-world fragrance, Lady Gaga is meeting the future on her own wildly inventive terms.

It’s well past midnight at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, the sleek skyscraper hotel made famous by the film Lost in Translation, and at this hour, it seems there are more staff than guests. I’m just coming back from a night out when suddenly there’s a commotion in the formal, hush-hush lobby. A young, handsome guy appears and begins signaling to someone around the corner whom I cannot see. Then he says, in a loud whisper, “The coast is clear!” At that, a woman pushing a wheelchair comes around the corner and scurries across the lobby to the elevator. The person in the wheelchair is listing to the side, as if drunk, and is covered by a shroud, or what appears to be an oversize Hermès scarf. (Could be Versace. Hard to say. They are moving very quickly.) And then—whoosh—just like that, all three sweep into an open elevator and are whisked up, up, and away.

Had to be Gaga. She’s staying here for a three-night stand with the Born This Way Ball at the Saitama Super Arena. When I finally meet up with her in a suite at the hotel a few days later, it’s the first thing I bring up. Gaga is in exaggerated-tacky mode, wearing a plasticky shift that she bought in Harajuku earlier today. It is the color of a trash bag and is quilted, with a big Chanel logo across the chest; but it is so obviously fake that it asks you to laugh and not worry about its provenance. She is also wearing so much “gold” jewelry—bangles and necklaces and giant hoop earrings—that even the tiniest of movements creates a symphony of jingle-­jangle. Her hair (or wig) is dyed two shades—blonde and a coppery color she calls “fox”—and has been swept up into a high ponytail on the right side of her head. (“I love my side pony,” she says. “It instantly makes me feel like I am four and three-quarters.”) When I get to the part about the seemingly incapacitated woman covered by a giant, chic scarf being wheeled through the lobby, she narrows her eyes and says, breathlessly, “Fabulous.” Then she abruptly shakes her head: Nope. Sorry to disappoint. Wasn’t me.

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