Girls Corner – The Off Shoulder Trend

The off shoulder piece has been a trend for some years. But this summer the trend has taken over and been a main piece for the perfect summer look this season. Numerous bloggers and celebs have been spotted wearing different unique off shoulder pieces. The off shoulder piece comes in many designs. Here are some my favorites that varies between expensive and cheap. I’m loving the shirt pieces with a bow in the front, such a cute piece for a hot summer day.    

Au Revoir, peepz!

Must Be Nice To Be Me

Shoes By Arkk (Here)//Trousers By H&M//Top By Zara//Glasses By H&M//Watch By Topman//

Summer is here, only God knows for how long! So I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible, while I can. Danish weather is so bipolar, you have no idea.

My friend and I went to Strøget to do some shopping. I was supposed too only get a pair of swimming shorts, but the sales was sooo irresistible. So I had to get some other pieces as well. Can’t wait to show you guys. Shopping for this trip has made me so excited to go, can’t wait. Can it be the 18th already.

Au Revoir, peepz!


 Escape. Photos From Tumblr

You guys know, I love too spend hours on Tumblr and be inspired! But these desert photos had be so excited for my trip. There is only 12 days, til I’m going to Dubai. Can’t believe yet that I’m going there, seems so unreal. My cousin and I have talked about going on a desert ride ofc, I can’t go to Dubai without going to the desert. It’s a must. Camel riding is also on my list of things I want to do and a boat ride as well. It’s going to be midsummer when I go there, so it’s going to be crazy hot as well. Kind of scared lol, never experienced summer like that before. But tanning by the pool, is definitely also something that we are going to be doing. So much I want to do on this trip. Do you guys have any suggestions? Besides shopping lol, already planned.

Au Revoir, peepz!

African By Blood

You Can Find The Necklace Here

I love my new necklace, especially the fact that it represents so much history. A statement without being too serious. This piece is going to be worn so much this summer. I’m obsessed with jewelry lately, especially because I’m the kind of a person that buys new clothes all the time and I have realized some new jewelries, can make an old outfit look refreshed. So I went a little crazy on Ebay.

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My Favorite Designers From The Spring 2018 Menswear Season

Spring 2018 menswear just ended today and OH BOY! There were so many collections I feel in love with. New designers that surprised me, that I will watch out for. I literally spend hours looking through every designers, with a cop of coffee. Nothing better to scroll through collection and adding them to my map on my laptop, like I’m going to purchase all the looks lmao. I found some of my favorite looks from my favorite designers from this season. GmbH and Les Hommes, are my favorite from this season. Words can’t even describe how they slayed every single look. You will have to take a look yourself.

Au Revoir, peepz!