White 501 Denim Levis Jeans, Nude Nike Air Sneakers And Grey Fluffy Jumpsuit

Fluffy Knit By Topman//Sneakers By Nike (Similar Here)//Jeans By Levis (Here)//

I decided to rock my white 501 Levis jeans at this time of the year. A big risk, yes. But they survived the snow and were still white when I came home. I combined this pair of white straight legged jeans with a grey fluffy knit. Minimal, as I like it. It’s not a big secret that I’m the worst at wearing colours. Trying to improve myself. So I love to add color by wearing sneakers like these nude Nike Air Bw premium. A pop of colour.

A pair of Timberlands would also be a good solution, to add some colours, to a outfit like this and still stay fashionable relevant to this kind of weather. I’m not gonna lie, my tiny angles were kind a freezing, but for a nice outfit. I will risk it all lol, Hi we are talking about me, that wore summer Lacoste slippers in minus degrees 3 years ago lol.

Au Revoir, peepz!

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