Miner Clothes Inspired Outfit In My Grey Hoodie, Boots And Denim Dungaree

Dungaree By Asos Man//Hoodie By H&M//Boots By River Island//Bag By Topman//

I have been wearing my denim dungaree a lot lately, it’s such a easy piece to through on when in doubt of a good outfit. Especially these days when it’s minus degrees outside. It’s such a nice go to piece, to be sure to feel warm and comfortable. I have worn this piece with my grey hoodie, tank top and thick knit sweater. A dungaree can easily be combined with a lot of different pieces.

As you probably know, I started studying photography a couple of weeks ago. Some friends and I went out for a walk in the heart of Copenhagen, where we came past a place called Botanical Garden. A really beautiful place, especially in the summer. So I saw the perfect opportunity to get one of my friends to take some outfit photos. One of the benefits of going to a studio where everyone is photographers.

Au Revoir, peepz!

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