Where The Hood At ?


Jacket By Asos//Shoes By Nike//Hoodie By H&M//Trousers By Premark /Long T-Shirt By Adidas//

This look wasn’t even meant to be on the blog. As some of you guys know, I started studying photography in Copenhagen and last Friday we went out for a walk to do some photography in Nørrebro. And there this big square, which is such a interesting place to shoot some photos. Especially because a lot of the colours as you can see repeats, through the big square. So I had to ask one of my friends to take some quick shoots that turned out to be a photoshoot lol (different angles, backgrounds and poses), which I personally think turned out really good.

This is basically how I look half the time, when I feel like wearing something extremely comfortable. Especially on a tired monday morning lmao. A pair of sneakers, trousers and a hoodie. Love to combine such a look with a oversize plain white t shirt underneath. Makes the outfit appear, more put together and of course the sneakers needs to be clean as well.

Au Revoir, peepz!

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