Casual But Yet Stylish Streetwear Outfit In A Baggy Denim Dungaree And Yellow Framed Glasses

Sneakers By Nike//Dungaree By Asos (Similar Here)//Chains By Asos(Similar Here)//Long Puffer Jacket (Here)//Glasses By Asos (Similar Here)//

 As much as I love Denmark, the winter can be quite brutal. One of the reasons why I purchased this long puffer jacket from Asos. Fortunately, I have been lucky with the weather so far. The reason why I dared to jump into a simple black tanktop. Even though I’m far from a thug or as cool as 2pac. I can not help myself to notice their cool style. Even though if it’s a tracksuit or the latest outfit from a Balmain collection. They always dress to impress. Which explains my love for a baggy denim dungaree. It’s such a classic cool piece to have, if you are into streetwear. I combined the look with my black tanktop, jacket, nike sneakers and wore my chains with my yellow framed glasses, as accessories.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

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