Red Wool Coat For Autumn

Red Coat By Boohoo Man (Here)//Jeans By Junkyard//Sneakers By Nike//Hoodie By H&M//Bag By Zara//Necklace From Dubai//

Autumn is finally here. Now is the time to layer and wear all the comfy sweatshirts and hoodies. Probably the best season of the year to dress. The weather here in London has actually been quite amazing, it’s only today that I have actually felt the need to wear a coat during the day. I can’t complain, especially getting snaps from friend complaining about the weather in Denmark. I truly feel blessed. I purchased this red coat from Boohoo Man, dark red and a perfect transition coat. A nice way to add colour to my autumn wardrobe. I had some errands to do from the early morning in London, so comfy attire was my go to.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

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