Roses Are Red

Trousers By Primark//Sneakers By Arkk//Sweatshirt By River Island//Bag By Zara//

Comfy dressed, have been my key style the last couple of days. I love to dress in relation to my mood. Especially because, that’s when I fell the most comfortable and confident. Which I personally think shows in the way that you look. The last two weeks I have been to Oxford Street countless times, going for job interviews. So I had to go through the shops to see what they had in store and I never get tired of looking at clothes. I went to Primark several times and couldn’t really find anything that caught my eyes. Except for these red rose embroidered trousers. I’m here for this trend. I also got a white cap with rose embroidery, which was a total waist of money. I never wear a cap lol. I swear that my hair looks more blonde when I wear all black. The other day I was dressed in all white and my hair looked so yellow.

Au Revoir, peepz!

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