When You Are A Model And Your Own Photographer At The Same Time

It has been such a long day. Went to Bond Street 10 o’clock in the morning for my first job interview at Zara, which took me almost two hours. After that I had three hours for my next interview. The time flew by so quick, I basically just walked around in the small streets. I find them so cozy and nice. Found a nice street, that were clear of people and took some outfit photos. There are so many beautiful places to shoot outfit photos, in the heart of London.

On my way to the restaurant, the sweetest lady stopped me on the street and showered me with compliments ( this is when my intuition should have kicked in lol). She worked for a company that sells different kind of organic soaps and lotions. She showed me some of their products and I fell in the trap immediately,¬†when she showed me their face soap and face mask gel (that removes dead skin). But she was so sweet and gave me a lot of discount. So I couldn’t resist the offer. After some shopping, I found my little restaurant I go to every time I’m on Oxford Circus, a cozy little spot that sells pick and mix salads. I had an hour for that and then I was headed of to my second interview at Topman/Topshop. Which went well, going for the second part of the process on Saturday, which is basically the make it or break it interview. So I’m so excited for that. Now I will go to bed, been up for way too long now.

Au Revoir, peepz!

When You Are A Model And Your Own Photographer At Same Time

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