My Next Holiday Destination Is Going To Be…

So I have finally ordered my tickets for my next holiday! I’m going to DUBAAAI. I’m sooo excited for this trip. I have wanted to go there since my cousin moved there a year ago and finally it’s going to happen this year. I’m leaving the 18th July for 7 days. We haven’t planned our days yet, but photo shoots in the dessert is one for sure and maybe riding camels as well. But besides that, we are definitely going to some pool areas to enjoy the weather and just take in the Dubai culture. If you guys know some fun things to do in Dubai, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Even though I’m excited, too go to Dubai, I’m a little hesitate about how the residents will react to my look. It’s going to be the hottest month, so my make up is not even going to be more than my eyebrows. There is no point of applying a full face for it to melt of in the sun lol. Now when my tickets are ordered, I can focus on what kind of outfits I’m going to bring. I think I will go for the classy/dapper look for the most part. This city is so modest, so I can’t see anything else be a better fit for this trip.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

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