Hangover Never Felt So Good

Have you ever woken up with the feeling, knowing you fucked up, said to much and got too drunk? THAT was me yesterday (basically every time I drink), when my friend woke me up. Still drunk even though, I have had slept for 8 hours. I had to much too drink and on top of that, I get drunk so easily. 4 shots and I’m done. I’m so weak when it comes to drinking and I never learn lmao.

My friend and I went to a club called Arch, in the heart of CPH. Danced a lot, to hard though haha! My Snapchat is filled with embarrassing videos from that night. I have had the worst stomach ache all day and felt so tired. So I have not had the energy or the desire to go to the gym. But as fucked up as I’m, I will go to the gym now 1 o’clock at night. But honestly, that’s the best time to work out! I go the gym all for myself, so in between my squats I’m able to twerk in front of a mirror while looking back at it lol. Now I will go to the gym!
Clic View Post For a Video From Last Night

Au Revoir, peepz!

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