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My Look: Bomber Jacket Old//Trousers By H&M//Sliders By Asos Here//Top By Zara Menswear//

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Everything You Like, comfy and easy. Now when I live by myself in an apartment, I had to get a pair of sliders. Can’t believe these are my first pair (so comfy to wear).  A pair of atypical, but still simple pair of sliders. A pair to walk around in, do laundry in the basement and etc. Everyday to dos.

These pair are definitely a perfect fit for that and the light grey leather, can easily be combined with everything in my wardrobe. From the bad to the good. I found some other cool sliders, I’m loving the fur sliders that have been seen on riri and Kim Kardashian.

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Au Revoir, peepz!

Everything You Like

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