My Lumee Phone Case

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Now I’m also on this hot trend, that every celebrity is doing. I have been thinking about buying this phone case since kim Kardashian West was spotted having one, too one of those big events (I think it was the Grammys last year). I was so impressed, how the phone case made the pictures come out. Clear and detailed, the two things you can only get with the light is good at midday.

I finally after some while of thinking, decided to purchase this phone case when a college of mine told me about this Danish website that also sells it (Here) and I already had it the day after unlike American sites that takes weeks. I’m so satisfied with the light and it’s even brighter than I thought it would be. The phone case comes with a charger, so you are able to charge the light up. Which was one of my concerns, how that would work. But I must admit that the phone gets quite big and some things requires to use both hands. But totally worth it at the end. What a shame that summer is around the corner lmao.

Au Revoir, peepz!

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