Throwback To The Summer 2014 In Northampton


Shirt By Zara//Shorts By Levis//Loafers By New Look//Clutch By Monki//

Some throwback photos from my summer vacation in London. Miss those days where I could just pick between shorts, trousers and long jeans. Now the options aren’t that big and I always have to wear a jacket. It’s Monday, which means a lot of new Tv series and some house cleaning. I had vacuumed the entire house including my own room. So after that, I decided to listen to some music, where I saw a dancer make some cool ass dance moves and of course I wanted to do them myself. So I started doing the dance moves, which required some big ass arm swings and suddenly I had knocked my cup of tea down on the floor, after I had cleaned my room. Nice done Niima. So it was back to cleaning and no more dancing haha. I also had to help  my friend to sew her By Malene Birger dress up. And I accidentally put the heat on the iron too high and melted the fabric. You should have seen our faces, mouth wide open and quiet for 20 seconds. But then started to laugh and I on top of that drawled on the dress because I was so chocked over what I just did and also because it took a lot in me to hold my laugh back and act shocked.

Now I will watch the new episode of The Only Way Is Essex. I will take some outfit photos tomorrow, I was meant to take some today. But the cleaning took much longer time than planned.

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Au Revoir, peepz!

Throwback To The Summer 2014 In Northampton

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