How To Make Perfect Natural Eyebrows In 3 Minutes With Eye Shadow Video And Why Eyebrows Are Important



I would be lying if I wrote that I couldn’t go out of the door without making my eyebrows. But it is close. Eyebrows are so important and so is the shape. I personally think that a natural shape is the best. Plucking your eyebrows to little or to much can throw the balance of your features off. I never pluck my eyebrows, because I love the shape of them but I do still apply eye shadow to add some more character and have the same hook on both sides. I have made a video before, but I thought, I would make a new updated how to make perfect natural eyebrows video. Now when I know better how to record videos on my camera. Hope you guys like it. BTW, the song when the days come is by Nico & Vinz. Love that song, another hot single they made.

Au Revoir, peepz!

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