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 Hope you guys are good! I was out doing some errands and went to the H&M store to see if they had the jumpsuit. I have been writing bout in two posts now (I think) and surely, they had. But that wasn’t the only thing I took with me home, it also ended up being a pair of leather shorts and a different t shirt, than what I’m used to buying. All that I will show you guys in some outfit photos. Here is my look of the day, casual, a little bit summer(ish) but at the same time perfect for autumn. This kimono is so warm to wear, so a t shirt underneath this kimono is the perfect fit and I love the Japanese vibe it has.

rrrIMG_9918 rrIMG_9919 rrIMG_9928 rrrIMG_9923 rrrIMG_9930Kimono By Nelly collab with 5 Inch And Up//T-Shirt By Topshop//Jeans By cheap Monday//

Au Revoir, peepz!

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