Casual But Yet Stylish Streetwear Outfit In A Baggy Denim Dungaree And Yellow Framed Glasses

Sneakers By Nike//Dungaree By Asos (Similar Here)//Chains By Asos(Similar Here)//Long Puffer Jacket (Here)//Glasses By Asos (Similar Here)//

 As much as I love Denmark, the winter can be quite brutal. One of the reasons why I purchased this long puffer jacket from Asos. Fortunately, I have been lucky with the weather so far. The reason why I dared to jump into a simple black tanktop. Even though I’m far from a thug or as cool as 2pac. I can not help myself to notice their cool style. Even though if it’s a tracksuit or the latest outfit from a Balmain collection. They always dress to impress. Which explains my love for a baggy denim dungaree. It’s such a classic cool piece to have, if you are into streetwear. I combined the look with my black tanktop, jacket, nike sneakers and wore my chains with my yellow framed glasses, as accessories.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

Fluffy Jumper With Contrast Stripes Combined With A Pair Of Loose Fitted White Levis Jeans

Sneakers By Nike//Jeans By Levis (Here)//Jumper By Asos Menswear (Here)//Necklace By Topman (Similar Here)//

This is my version of wearing more colours. I can only admit, that I’m a sucker for all black outfits. It’s so easy. But wearing more colours, is starting to grow on me. This green fluffy jumper with contrast stripes, is one of the most comfortable jumpers. I have in my wardrobe. Love the deep green, something a little different from the usual khaki pieces, I have. The stripes on the sleeves also adds a nice sporty vibe to the look. I haven’t worn my white Levis jeans for a minute, so I combined it with the look and added my nude Nike sneakers. Perfect way to wear colours, if you want to dare yourself to wear something different from the usual. But still keep it simple and fresh.

 Au Revoir, peepz!

Zip Knitted Jumper And Longline Oversized Puffer Jacket

Jumper By Selected Homme By Asos (On Sale Here)//Long Puffer Jacket By Asos (On Sale Here)//Jeans By Cheap Monday(Similar Here)//Boots By River Island//

I couldn’t believe this beautiful selected homme tall 1/4 zip knitted jumper was on sale, when I did my 3 hours scrolling through all the sales on Asos. This simple cotton zip turtleneck is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe in the winter. It can easily be dressed up or down and suits any kind of man. I choose to dress this jumper down with a pair of denim jeans, boots and a long puffer jacket. For a more casual everyday look. I personally find it hard to dress up nice for a walk in the cold. But this look is a nice way to look dressed up and stay warm. I’m in love with my new super longline oversized puffer jacket. Just what I imagined. Keeps me warm on the cold winter days.

I haven’t showed you guys my new oversized fanny pack, I purchased this piece a month ago in Zara. I have craved to get a fanny pack for a while, but haven’s stumbled across one that I really liked. And of course I found one in my favourite clothing shop, Zara. It was so affordable that I couldn’t resist purchasing it. On top of that it can fit everything I need plus more.

Au Revoir, peepz!

The Asos Super Longline Oversized Puffer Jacket with Hood

Find The Asos Super Longline Oversized Puffer Jacket  Here

Asos are having some great sales right now, with up to 70%. So I had to get some few stuff for myself, especially because I haven’t been shopping at all the last couple of months. So I went a little bit crazy, but got some really cool stuff for no money. One of my purchases that I’m really excited about, is this super longline oversized puffer jacket. The danish winter is no joke and nothing compared to London, so I thought long puffer jacket would be the perfect fit for me to keep warm during this cold season. It’s plain and black, perfect for everyday. Since my style various day to day, I like to keep my winter jacket as plain as possible.

 Au Revoir, peepz!